Quality Policy

The scope of Sæplast quality policy covers all aspects of the company’s operations, e.g.; design, sales and the manufacturing of rotationally moulded products. Rotationally moulded products include; tubs, lids and pallets as well as tanks, septic tanks, wells and sand-, oil- and fat-separators along with personalized designs from customers. Sæplast strives to ensure that its goods and services fulfil the company’s stringent quality requirements and thereby meet the wishes and expectations of its customers.  


Sæplast puts emphasis on the following: 

  • That the trademarks Sæplast and Nordic continue to be leaders in their respective fields 
  • That the safety of the users of their goods is always given priority! This includes both laws and regulations of the food industry and safety standards regarding safe use while stacking and hoisting 
  • To fulfil its commitments regarding quality of products and services 
  • To monitor and measure customer satisfactions with the company’s services 
  • To minimize the environmental impact of the company’s operations as far as possible
  • That all necessary equipment needed for the operation of the company fulfils defined requirements, quality criteria’s and the most stringent safety requirements
  • To continuously work on improvements, innovations and economisation in operations
  • To operate an active quality management system according to ISO 9001 and to continuously work on improvements