About Sæplast


SÆPLAST PRESERVES QUALITY                                                    SÆPLAST raw material

SÆPLAST is a world leader in the design and production of double-walled, insulated tubs and three-layer, specially strengthened PE tubs and palettes for use in manufacture of food products and in the recycling industry.

Our guiding light in the design and production of SÆPLAST products is that they must meet the most stringent requirements of our customers, which come from a wide field of operations and from different sectors of the economy. SÆPLAST products are particularly strong, durable and with a high insulating capacity. The smooth surface ensures easy cleaning and greatly improves food safety.

The production process is based on the rotomolding method in which the plastic raw material is introduced into a closed mould and rotated on two axes in an oven. When the mould heats up, the raw material melts and settles on its inner surface and when all the plastic material has melted the mould is taken out of the oven and cooled down.  

From the outset, SÆPLAST has maintained its reputation as a manufacturer of top quality products, offering excellent services.



Sæplast in Dalvik, Northern Iceland

SÆPLAST is among the best-known export companies in Iceland. Its origin may be traced to Dalvík, a fishing town in Northern Iceland where the company was established in 1984. Since then, the production of insulated storage containers has been the mainstay of Sæplast's production and the company has been a world leader in designing and manufacturing them. During the first years, the company mostly served customers in the fishing industry but since then, other branches of the food industry have brought the products of Sæplast into use.

Sæplast is part of Rotovia.  Rotovia is a leading international manufacturer built from its Icelandic heritage. The company’s legacy is built on a group of rotational moulding companies who have collaborated for many years. While rotational molding is Rotovia’s core business, the company is also known for bringing innovative products and services to the market under the Sæplast, VARIBOX and Tempra brand names. Rotovia has a strong global footprint with a manufacturing base of ten sites across seven countries and a wide sales network serving diversified customer base across several end-industries, with a specific focus on the food segment.

Today, Sæplast has three factories, in Iceland, in New Brunswick in Canada and in Spain. The sales net of Sæplast is based on sales offices and representatives selling the company’s products all over the world.