Keep it Cold


The food industry is under continuous scrutiny and rightly so. Food producers and food suppliers are ultimately responsible for the health and wellbeing of the people they serve. The obvious benefit of SÆPLAST tubs are the robust double insulated walls. Our tubs have a high insulation factor, keeping your product cool and safe during handling.

This is a popular tub among on board handling for small and medium sized vessels. It is essential that the fishermen ensure the quality of the catch in the first step of the cold chain. Quality lost is never regained. This is such a popular tub that we produce it in both our Icelandic and Spanish plants, to better serve our local European customers.

Food products are vulnerable to temperature changes. Temperature control is of the essence when it comes to food handling. By utilizing SÆPLAST containers, spoilage is minimized and your product is protected.

The lids are double-walled to ensure that the temperature stays even. We strongly recommend using lids to maximize the quality of the product and minimize ice consumption. The lid is then tightly fastened with rubber straps. We at SÆPLAST are committed to keeping your catch cold. We therefore study and seek to accurately predict temperature changes in food packed in SÆPLAST insulated containers in order to improve our designs.