Making a mess?


The classic 660L SÆPLAST PE container is now available in a modified spill resistant version.                                                                                                                  The new model is fitted with a raised edge and the lid comes with a silicone gasket, providing a mess free fit. The smart design ensures a tighter seal, enabling cleaner and safer handling during processing. In addition, the gasket can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced.

Crafted from durable, hard-wearing polyethylene, the SÆPLAST PE 660L containers are the ideal solution for handling of products placed in liquid. It is therefore a good fit for by-products, recycling and waste management industries. 

It can withstand rough handling, shifting temperatures and frequent wash-down sessions which characterize life in food processing plants and warehouses.

Handling of semi-liquid food is a messy business for all involved. By using the spill-resistant SÆPLAST 660 container you limit risks of spills during transfer, handling, storage and processing.

An ideal accessory is the SÆPLAST drain plate, which can be ordered separately. The drain plate facilitates easy drainage of fluids and prevents formation of clogs and blockages. The triple-wall polyethylene 660L container is ergonomically designed for optimum hygiene and ease of handling.

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