Certification of "Framúrskarandi fyrirtæki"

In 2010, Creditinfo began compiling a list of outstanding companies in Iceland. To be considered excellent, companies must meet strict requirements. Only high-achieving business people meet the strict requirements of Outstanding Companies and they indicate that they are more likely to succeed and withstand pressure than others. The conditions are:

  • The company is in credit rating category 1-3
  • Annual accounts submitted by law no later than eight months after the settlement date
  • The company is active according to the definition of Creditinfo
  • Managing director registered in the RSK company register
  • Operating income of at least ISK 50 million over the last three years
  • Operating profit (EBIT> 0) for the last three years
  • Positive annual result for the last three years
  • Equity ratio at least 20% in the last three years
  • Assets of at least ISK 100 million in the last three years


For 11 years, Creditinfo has conducted an analysis of the operations of Icelandic companies and given Outstanding Companies recognition for their success. Purposeful preparation and tireless work underlie excellent results. Certification of "Framúrskarandi fyrirtæki" is an important part of the marketing efforts of those who want to strengthen the trust of customers and partners.

Sæplast Iceland ehf is on the list this year along with about 2% of all companies in the country. Sæplast has been on this list for 11 consecutive years or since the beginning. There are just over 60 companies that have been on the list since the beginning or about 0.15% of all companies in the country!