Cleaning up the coastline!

On Tuesday the 1st of June, Sæplast teamed up with the 9th grade of Dalvíkurskóli to pick up trash on the shore. From the estuaries of Svarfaðardalsá all the way over to the garbage disposal station. From there the walk went on to the harbor area walking back east along the shore on the other side forming a good circle.

A considerable amount of trash was cleaned up during the walk this year. Hikers who walk around the sand are becoming more diligent in cleaning up the trash they find on the way and putting it where it belongs, but unfortunately there always seems to be enough to fill up a bag or two. In recent years, Sæplast has been involved in this trash collecting event with the 9th grade and supported them with a generous donation to their travel fund for next years school trip.

The picture shows this handsome group gathered together with an employee of Sæplast. Our dream is of course to go idle in this project, not finding any trash, which is of course a bit unrealistic, but hopefully it will come true one day.