Major differences between single walled boxes and insulated Sæplast containers.

Reports show that the insulation performance of PUR Sæplast 70 insulated plastic container is 5x better than a typical single walled box.


Bjorn Margeirsson, research manager at RPC-Sæplast /RPC-Tempra and assistant professor at University of Iceland discovered a major differences in the insulation performance of Sæplast tubs and regular single walled boxes with his research of differences in insulation performance.


Trough the years, insulated plastic containers have been taking over the single wall boxes for many reasons. Sæplast is a world leader in the design and production of double walled, insulated tubs and specially strengthened PE tubs and palettes for use in manufacture of food products to ensure better quality. 


The full report can be found here on Sæplast page.