Introducing Buggy Meat Cart

With their strong, triple walled construction, Sæplast wheeled carts and buggies are ideally suited for handling both wet and dry goods. Their sturdy undercarriage construction, nylon wheels, stainless-steel axles and ergonomic handles have been designed for easy manoeuvrability and handling.

The capacity of each ranges from 185–410L. Each comes available with its own lid, and stainless steel dumping brackets. The Sæplast PE/PUR Carts and Buggies are developed to meet the strictest requirements of the food industry and 200L meets the German standard DIN 9797. Compared to stainless steel, they offer a wide range of advantages when it comes to noise reduction, handling weight and cleaning just to mention a few.

The Sæplast PE/PUR Carts and Buggies are ideally suited for the handling of wet and dry meat products and a wide variety of other food products. They are built to withstand the harshest conditions and rough handling in food processing. They feature a proven triple wall construction. The ergonomically designed handle¹ provides a high degree of manoeuvrability. The buggy pointed slope directs the dumping outflow in the desired direction.

The Sæplast PE and PUR Carts and Buggies absorb noises, the sound level during dumping is diminished by 17dB. and the noise produced during rolling is negligible. Our Carts and Buggies help to reduce the risk of hearing disorders. The versatile Carts and Buggies are available in various colours enabling you to have dedicated Buggies for different colour coded zones



Buggy Meat Cart 185       Buggy Meat Cart 200       Buggy Meat Cart 400


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