Sæplast at Sea Japan April 11.-13 2018

Arnar Snorrason introducing Sæplast.
Arnar Snorrason introducing Sæplast.

Along with Rafnar, Kapp, Hampiðjan and Maintx, Sæplast showcased their insulated plastic containers at Sea Japan. 

In co-operation with Íslandsstofa and the Icelandic Embassy in Japan, Sæplast had a great exhibition April 11.-13 in Tokyo  and got a chance to introduce the product range to all of the 21,000 visitors along with about 580 exhibitors taking part in a exhibition that offers an up to date view of the developments and new technologies. The aim to enhance industry knowledge, updating experts on the latest trends and issues the industry are facing at the moment.

From Sea Japan website:

Japanese shipowners and shipyards have always taken a long term vision to ensure their long term viability. It involves developing and investing in advanced technologies that enable them to stay ahead of the competition and to weather market disruption. Consequently the Japanese market offers abundant opportunities for international suppliers of innovative products and technologies in marine equipment, parts and components, as well as products and services for shipbuilding and vessel operation. Every two years, Japan’s maritime industry gathers at Sea Japan to inspect the latest developments and to discuss strategy and investment. Make sure your products and services are part of the discussion. Exhibit at Sea Japan 2018.


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