Sæplast delivers the thirty five thousandth iTub!


In the first week of the year, Sæplast delivered the thirty five thousandth 460 litre PE tub, produced for the subsidiary iTub which specialises in the rental of tubs for the European food industry.  This is a 460 litre polyethylene isolated tub with high structural strength and durability and is therefore very well suited to rental operations. “These tubs have been selling very well in the past years because they are sturdier and more durable than other, lighter tubs”, says Sævaldur Gunnarsson, sales manager of Sæplast.  It may be added that annually, 50.000 tubs are produced in the factories of Sæplast in Dalvík, Iceland and Spain.

Improved services

The company iTub was established by Sæplast in Dalvík, Iceland and Norwegian fishing companies early in 2010 for the purpose of renting fish tubs to fisheries and fish processing plants in Norway. Later, iTub started to reach to other countries. Mr Gunnarsson notes that the operations of iTub are very important to Sæplast because now the company is able to offer its customers to choose whether they want to buy or rent a tub. “This shows that a certain group finds it more convenient to rent tubs rather than buy them and we regard this as improved services to the customers of Sæplast to be able to offer this choice, whether people select to buy, rent or take a mixed route".

Over 35,000 tubs

Hilmar Gudmundsson, the CEO of iTub says that the company now has over 35,000 tubs in its rental services. He says that the main advantage of the company on the rental market is that it is able to offer strong, safe and durable tubs. “We built our rental services mostly around the 460 litre PE tubs because they are of sturdy build, do not absorb liquids even when damaged and are thus a good choice as regards hygiene standards. Also, the PE filled tubs are recyclable and therefore an environmentally efficient choice.” Hilmar mentions that the 460 litre tubs are very suitable aboard fishing vessels and for the transport of fresh fish and in addition they have proved very stable in stacking and hoisting.

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