SÆPLAST for 40 years!

Today is a reason to celebrate, but on this day 40 years ago, Sæplast was founded.

The founding meeting was held on 28.02.1984 in Dalvík. On it, 14 parties promised to become shareholders and signed a memorandum of association and to provide the necessary initial capital.

Sæplast's first board consisted of Jón Friðriksson, Matthías Jakobsson, Hallgrímur Hreinsson, Vilhjálmur Þórarinsson and Valdimar Snorrason.

Since inception, we have witnessed incredible changes within the company. From the production of one large manufacturing oven to the three we work with today. Our production capacity has therefore increased significantly, allowing us to produce more products every day to meet the ever-growing demands of our customers around the world.

We are extremely proud of how far we have come and grateful to all our staff and customers over the years. They have played a big part in shaping Sæplast into the company it is today.

We celebrate this turning point, think about the puzzles we have solved in the past, grateful and optimistic about the coming year full of new and exciting opportunities!