Sæplast gifts for new students at Dalvíkurskóli

New schoolbags for new students

In recent years, Sæplast has given school bags and pencil cases to children who are taking their first steps in 1st grade at the local school, Dalvíkurskóli.

We at Sæplast feel that it's important that this tradition is continued. The idea is that everyone takes these important steps into school equally, everyone can get what they need for schooling and to ease the burden of parents as these costs can be quite high.

It is customary for the children to make a trip to Sæplast to receive the gift, so there is always great excitement and joy, and there was no change in that this year, everyone was happy and cheerful.

Sæplast thanks everyone for coming and wishes all new students good luck in their first year at Dalvíkurskóli.