Sæplast receives €290.000 grant

Bjorn Margeirsson, the research director of Sæplast
Bjorn Margeirsson, the research director of Sæplast

Sæplast has been chosen to receive a €290.000 grant to continue with the production of a new type of insulated fish container called the “Twin tub”. The Twin tub will reduce transport cost and further improve product quality witch has been one of the main factors in evolution of the Sæplast tubs since 1984.

The grant comes from Rannis (The Icelandic Centre for Research) witch manages national and international funds targeted at companies, entrepreneurs and innovation driven organizations. 

With the Twin tub the aim is to be able to stack two and two tubs together to increase space when they are transported empty. The development has already started and great hopes are that this tub will be unique all around the world and support Sæplast the next decade, according to Bjorn Margeirsson, the research director of Sæplast.

The Twin tub will be shallower than the traditional Sæplast 460 Insulated Plastic Container witch indicated less pressure on the product on the bottom of the tub. This will increase product quality to the fullest. 


Important recognition

According to Bjorn, this grant is an important recognition on the productive work that has been going on for the last months, and now the aim is to complete the prototype and custom it to the needs of the desired target group who appreciates the unique qualities this product has to offer.

The Twin tubs will not only support restored quality in raw material transport it will also offer a competition with single walled non-reusable containers as the Twin tubs are reusable and long lasting. In the past many have thought these tubs too deep but with the Twin tub that will not be the case, especially with super chilled fish products.

Hopes are that research and development of the Twin tub will finish in the next two years and then be ready for the market. Today the transport cost is high and all actions to decrease the cost will not only benefit the economical environment but also makes it more eco-friendly.

 Tub Sæplast 460

 The new Twin tub will be a special variation from the Sæplast 460 Insulated Plastic Containers who have been one of the most popular tubs from Sæplast.   

Other supporters of the project: 

The University of Iceland 


The University of Akureyri

Innovation Centre Iceland

ITUB rental tubs