The Sæplast team in Poland - The Polfish fair.

The Polfish fair is the only fish trade exhibition in Poland. It is one of the largest ones in Central Europe for the industry where exhibitors present a wide range of fish and seafood produce, processing machines, packaging, cleansing and disinfecting equipment, specialist transport vehicles and services*

The Sæplast team is showcasing their popular 660 insulated plastic containers, the one of a kind Buggy meat cart and other popular products.

The Polfish fair is held every other year and Iceland has been a part of the fair for a long time, introducing their products to the fish and meat industry, and showing the ability of the tubs to keep the frozen goods in great condition with the excellent insulation ability. 

This year the focus is also on brine grids and drying grids as they are becoming more popular for better quality storage. 

The fair takes place June 7th.-9th. and all the info can be found on the website