Quality on board

Over 30 years ago, as a response to local requirements, the SÆPLAST team developed double-walled insulated plastic tubs to extend the quality lifetime of fish. The issue was clear; a high percentage of the fish was spoiled upon reaching shore. Quality lost is never regained.

The SÆPLAST team therefore constructed the 660L SÆPLAST tub that revolutionized the handling of seafood. The 660L SÆPLAST tub has been the most popular model for decades and can now be found on almost any dock. The basic design has stayed the same, but step by step we have  improved stacking stability, strenght and insulation capability based on over 30 years of experience.

Our cooperation partners and customers realize the need to secure the quality of the fish catch in the first step of the food chain. Fish is vulnerable to temperature changes and temperature control is therefore of the essence. Improperly stored fish will spoil and can become unsafe for consumption.

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