The Toughest Tubs


We at SÆPLAST have designed the most rugged and hygienic plastic containers for your processing floor. Meet the SÆPLAST 630L PE tub, the toughest of its kind.

Like all SÆPLAST tubs, the 630L container sports 100% food grade polyethylene (PE) and is ideal for supply chain handling in the meat and animal by-product industry. With a one piece, seamless triple-wall design and a closed cell core the 630L tub can handle a beating! Our SÆPLAST PE containers last on average 5-7 times longer than single wall bins.

Stainless steel, corrugated cardboard and single wall bins can harbor harmful bacterial growth and they are very unsafe for employees due to splintering, metal tearing, and boxes collapsing. As a result, these products are not the best food safety option for your protein handling needs.

Our one-piece SÆPLAST 630L PE container is easy to clean, maintain and repair. The solid inner core prevents absorption of liquid and the tubs do not have easily broken joints or hard to clean crevasses. SÆPLAST PE is your solution for a low cost supply chain container that is safe for your protein product and safe for your employees.

Book a consultation with our sales team and we will assist you in finding the right tub to fit your needs.