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Sæplast 200 Buggy

Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket
  • Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket
  • Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket
  • Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket
  • Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket
  • Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket Sæplast 200 Buggy without bracket

Optimal for temperature retention

Optimal for durability and strength

Outer DimensionsInner Dimensions
L82 cm59-68 cm
W68 cm59-63 cm
H70 cm52 cm
Weight21 kg. Volume200 liters
Product nr.:
Priceincl. tax

Available Colors

Disclaimer: Container prices may vary based on the selected color and order quantity

F10 White NCS: S1002-B50G RGB: 227, 237, 234
F20 Yellow NCS: S1060-G90Y RGB: 233, 206, 74
F36 IBE Red NCS: S2060-Y80R RGB: 192, 98, 81
F35 Orange NCS: S1080-Y70R RGB: 213, 91, 53
F40 Green NCS: S2050-G RGB: 96, 178, 130
F56 Blue NCS: S1550-R80B RGB: 113, 168, 225
F61 Dark Gray NCS: S6005-B20G RGB: 106, 118, 119

Product Description

The Sæplast 200 Buggy meat cart is the first of its kind. It is developed to meet the requirements of the food industry. sturdy and comes in several colors. The Sæplast 200 Buggy meat cart is double-walled with a PE core and a high strength factor. The Sæplast Buggy is built to withstand the harsh conditions and rough handling in the meat industry and other food processing, it is very sturdy and comes in several colors. The undercarriage has hard wearing nylon wheels with polyurethane tread. Stainless steel lifting brackets are integrated to facilitate thorough cleaning. Temperature tolerances range from -30°C to +60°C. 


Sæplast 200 Buggy Meat Cart                                                                                                                           Any questions?

  • Long lasting and robust

  • Multifunctional -very low weight of 22 kg

  • Easy to handle and clean

  • Multiple colors for color coded zones

  • Nylon wheels - stainless steel axles                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Sæplast 200 Buggy insulated plastic container can be used for example as an ice box, fish box, meat container, poultry and recycle container.    

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Container details:

The Sæplast Buggy 200 meat cart allows easy handling as it is very low in weight (22 kg). The triple wall absorbs noise whereas its counter part stainless steal creates the usual noise pollution. The sound levere durin dumping is diminished byr 17 dB. Our Buggy meat cart helps to reduce the risk of hearing disorders. 

The Sæplast 200 Buggy meat cart has color and engraving/marking options and tracking solutions, see more details below.  


PE insulated core

The PE strength factor - meeting the toughest demands

Sæplast PE – Durability and added strength Sæplast PE insulated storage container are seamless triple-walled containers. PE refers to the polyethylene construction of the outer walls and the PE core of the container. The PE plastic is triple-layered, making this the strongest tub in the market. Furthermore, the Closed Cell Core design does not absorb liquid, optimizing hygiene optimizing hygiene control. The robust triple-wall design yields longer durability and reduces long term costs. The ergonomically designed one piece construction facilitates easy cleaning and sanitation.

The Sæplast PE plastic container are designed to meet the toughest demands of any environment and are widely used in the meat and recycling industries. Sæplast PE storage container replace stainless steel containers that are heavy, loud, difficult to repair and unsafe for your work force. They are also safer, more durable and hygienic than single plastic wall containers and corrugated cardboard boxes. All Sæplast bulk container are produced from food-grade raw materials and comply with stringent food safety standards.  


Sæplast is the safe choice for your products, your employees and your customers

• Extremely durable and robust
• Sæplast PE plastic containers last up to 6–10 times longer than plastic single wall options 
• The one piece seamless triple wall design improves hygiene control 
• Safer during handling and transport 
• Easy to clean, saving both water and sewerage costs

More details

We want to help minimize transport costs for our customers. The Sæplast team recommends comparing the optimal shipping quantities in the table below. The figures are based on a full container load. Keep in mind that minor variations can occur due to different stacking techniques.

Type Qty
20' foot container  92
40' footer container  188
40' HC container  235
Truck  265


Examples of color options for Buggy Meat Cart please contact our sales team for details: 

color optionscolor optionscolor optionscolor optionscolor optionsccolor optionscolor optionscolor optionsc

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