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Pallet A-109

Pallet A-109 Pallet A-109
  • Pallet A-109 Pallet A-109
  • Pallet A-109 Pallet A-109

Optimal for temperature retention

Optimal for durability and strength

Outer DimensionsInner Dimensions
Weight20 kg. Volume liters
Product nr.: 200109
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Product Description

The SÆPLAST A-109 pallet is tough and long-lasting. It is crafted from durable, hard-wearing polyethylene and filled with a PUR core. SÆPLAST pallets are the ideal solution for withstanding harsh conditions, rough handling, extremes of temperature and frequent wash-down sessions. It is particularly well suited for low to medium quantity in internal or closed loop handling applications. Temperature tolerance ranges from -30°C to +60°C. The pallet is a one piece design, hygienic with no cavities or holes that can contain bacteria.

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In order to minimize transport costs, the SÆPLAST team recommends contacting us for advise on quantities. Minor variations can occur due to different stacking techniques or mode of transport.

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