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Sæplast 300 Insulated Plastic Container

Sæplast 300 Insulated Plastic Container Sæplast 300 Insulated Plastic Container
  • Sæplast 300 Insulated Plastic Container Sæplast 300 Insulated Plastic Container
  • Sæplast 300 Insulated Plastic Container Sæplast 300 Insulated Plastic Container

Optimal for temperature retention

Optimal for durability and strength

Outer DimensionsInner Dimensions
L80 cm74 cm
W80 cm74 cm
H77 cm 59 cm
Volume298 liters
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Product Description

Like all Sæplast containers, the 300PE offers important hygiene, safety and convenience benefits to ensure the highest food processing standards. The one piece, seamless triple-wall design and closed cell core provides excellent durability, meaning Sæplast PE containers last on average between fi ve to seven times longer than single wall bins. The solid inner core prevents absorption of liquid and the tubs do not have easily broken joints or hard-to-clean crevasses, preventing the harbouring of harmful bacterial growth and making them easy to clean, maintain and repair. The avoidance of splintering, metal tearing or corrugated boxes collapsing delivers safe and easy handling for users.


Sæplast 300 Insulated Plastic Container                                                                                                            Any questions?

  • Long lasting and robust

  • Multifunctional with dependable hosting grips

  • Easy to handle and clean

  • Fork lift and pallet jack use on all sides

  • Color, marking and tracking options   

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PE insulated core


The PE strength factor - meeting the toughest demands

Sæplast PE – Durability and added strength Sæplast PE insulated storage container are seamless triple-walled containers. PE refers to the polyethylene construction of the outer walls and the PE core of the container. The PE plastic is triple-layered, making this the strongest tub in the market. Furthermore, the Closed Cell Core design does not absorb liquid, optimizing hygiene optimizing hygiene control. The robust triple-wall design yields longer durability and reduces long term costs. The ergonomically designed one piece construction facilitates easy cleaning and sanitation.

The Sæplast PE plastic container are designed to meet the toughest demands of any environment and are widely used in the meat and recycling industries. Sæplast PE storage container replace stainless steel containers that are heavy, loud, difficult to repair and unsafe for your work force. They are also safer, more durable and hygienic than single plastic wall containers and corrugated cardboard boxes. All Sæplast bulk container are produced from food-grade raw materials and comply with stringent food safety standards.  


Sæplast is the safe choice for your products, your employees and your customers

• Extremely durable and robust
• Sæplast PE plastic containers last up to 6–10 times longer than plastic single wall options 
• The one piece seamless triple wall design improves hygiene control 
• Safer during handling and transport 
• Easy to clean, saving both water and sewerage costs

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