Sæplast under stress in Brussels

At the fisheries exhibition in Brussels last month some things were done for fun at the Sæplast booth. For instance, guests were invited to test the strength of the Sæplast tubs and an exciting prize was offered to the person who could break a Sæplast tub by hitting it with a hammer. The main prize was a flight between Iceland and any of the destinations of WOW Air within Europe.
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Fruitful attendance in Seafood Glopal Expo

“Our participation in Brussels was a success and we received many customers in our Sæplast booth during the exhibition”, says Hólmar Svansson, CEO of Sæplast, but the international fisheries show “Seafood Global Expo” finished in Brussels recently. Hólmar says that due to the terrorist acts in the city earlier in the year, people had noticed more strict security measures but in spite of this the atmosphere in the exhibition area had been good and the guests were enthusiastic about the products displayed by Sæplast. “Although the number of guests had been down from last time, this was made up for, because the people most important to us turned up and thus the participation in the Expo was a great success from our point of view”, Hólmar said.
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SÆPLAST launches new website

Sæplast global website to better serve you
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